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Rebecca's skills in public relations have made her a well-known entity in yachting and luxury market places. I would not hesitate to put the future of my business in her hands, as I know that she would push it to be as successful as she possibly could. I highly recommend Rebecca and Antibes Yachting.

Rhea Rouw, Company Owner, Yachting International Radio

Rebecca is a natural talent when it comes to writing, she helped me with my website and everything she wrote was spot on. One appointment to discuss quickly the general idea of what I wanted and a few days later, the website was ready with Rebecca's texts. I couldn't have asked for a better/faster/more efficient service. I was totally satisfied and I can only recommend Antibes Yachting !

Jocelyn Passeron, Owner,

Rebecca's knowledge of the French Riviera is second to none. Her posts offer a truly exciting style and insights of huge benefit to anyone visiting the south of France. I would not hesitate to recommend Rebecca to anyone looking for a true "guru" on the ground on the Cote d'Azur or to add great content to their blog/website. She researches any subject thoroughly and always surprises me with her fantastic writing.

Alexander Coles, Charter Broker, Bespoke Yacht Charter

Rebecca was my first call when I needed some website copy. She worked meticulously through my requirements to understand how I wanted to present myself to the industry and provided some excellent copy that we edited a few times to get it just how I liked. A completely painless experience with a professional.

George ‘Ben’ Gill, Founder & Owner, Miller Compton Maritime

Rebecca is an excellent writer and a great collaborator who brings value to our brand and the yachting industry with passion and dedication.

Mavi Iglesias, SEA Yacht Group

Rebecca's marketing & PR skills are excellent and she has helped our business greatly, especially during a time of introducing our brand, products and services to the superyacht industry.

Daniel Bruntsch, Global Head of Marine, BROMIC Heating

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Superyacht Summit Adria Wrap-Up

Superyacht Summit Adria Wrap-Up

The debut edition of the Superyacht Summit Adria took place at the Radisson Blu in Split on April 18th.  The event brought together over 100 guests from various parts of the world, united for an introspective look at the Adriatic yachting sector.

With Tristan Mortlock, Founder of Mortlock Yachts

My Key Takeaways:

  • No matter the size of the company, the business owners I spoke to at the event really proved the importance of leveraging local expertise. All of the people I spoke to have extensive networks comprised of industry professionals, including maritime suppliers, luxury hospitality, and yachting services.  I’d love to expand on some of the conversations I had with companies who lead with motivators such as “Here’s how we can help you” and “Here’s evidence of us doing it already”.
  • Defining a roadmap to grow the Adriatic as a yachting region requires ongoing collaboration as the Adriatic has its own set of challenges and requirements.  With the right partnerships and reinforcement for improvement and knowledge sharing, growth is not just a possibility but a certainty.

Developing the Adriatic yachting industry will require ongoing collaboration, knowledge sharing and partnerships

  • Our customers want to feel valued and understood – it’s about creating a connection between the emotions and experiences your company evokes. In the luxury sector that is rife with choices, value doesn’t rest solely on being nice, making a financial transaction or highlighting the attributes of a product or service. All customers have a rational motivation to choose any company offering similar pricing and offerings. But loyalty is given only when extra emotional value is offered.
  • There are many professionals with backgrounds from different sectors who have immense technical and operational knowledge that would cross over nicely into the yachting sector. I have no doubt these professionals would ensure compliance with rigorous industry standards and foster innovation.  It’s not just about improving what’s already in the market; it’s about creating something new and making it yours. We need to crack the “It’s always been done this way” mindset in yachting!
  • Efficiency, quality, reliability and satisfaction are the bedrock of any product or service.  This includes acting as a media partner and being committed to excellence. By relinquishing the urge to be all things to all people, you can forge a clearer path to differentiation and success.

Rebecca Whitlocke from Antibes Yachting was thrilled to join Superyacht Content as a Media Partner for the Superyacht Summit Adria.  Take a look here at everything you might have missed from the Superyacht Summit Adria:

Discover the Palma International Boat Show 2024 Highlights

The Palma International Boat Show is a captivating annual event that draws the global yachting community to Mallorca. This prestigious event is not just a showcase but a celebration of maritime excellence, where innovation meets tradition in the heart of the Mediterranean. With a focus on luxury yachts, motor yachts, and cutting-edge navigation equipment, the show has become a pivotal moment for industry professionals and enthusiasts alike to discover the latest advancements and trends in the superyacht industry. Its significance extends beyond the yachts themselves, serving as a beacon for brokerage and networking within the idyllic setting of the Balearics.

In 2024, the Palma International Boat Show promised to surpass expectations with an array of exhibitors and highlights designed to captivate and engage attendees. From the dazzling display of yachts to the well-planned Superyacht Village, each aspect of the show is meticulously curated to offer insights into the industry. Attendees can look forward to an immersive experience that encompasses not just viewing but understanding the craftsmanship and companies behind these magnificent vessels.

Overview of Palma International Boat Show 2024

Palma International Boat Show took place from the 25th to the 28th of April at Palma’s Marina Moll Vell. This event marks the opening of the Mediterranean yachting season and is a pivotal gathering for the superyacht industry.

This year celebrated the 40th anniversary of the Palma International Boat Show, highlighting its long-standing tradition and its role in showcasing the latest innovations in yachting. The show has grown significantly over the years, reflecting its importance and the growing interest in maritime luxury and technological advancements.

Attendance and Exhibitors

The show had over 30,000 attendees and featured 295 exhibitors displaying a wide array of vessels, including 260 boats at sea. This represents a 10% increase in participation from the previous year, setting a new record for the event. The extensive display underscores the show’s global appeal and its significance as an international maritime event.

Key Highlights

Superyacht Village

The Superyacht Village, a highlight at the Palma International Boat Show, showcases over 80 luxury yachts, each surpassing 24 metres, offering a unique pre-season opportunity for significant exposure in the yachting industry. This area not only features impressive yachts but also includes a dedicated Refit & Repair zone and the Yachting Ventures Innovation Corner, catering to forward-thinking professionals.

Refit Area at Palma International Boat Show

Innovations in Yacht Design

Innovative yacht design is prominently displayed at the Palma Boat Show where advancements in sail design and marine electronics meet the latest in eco-friendly technology. This convergence of tradition and innovation underscores the event’s role as a leader in the yachting industry.

Sustainability Initiatives

Sustainability is an important topic on everyone’s minds with a strategy aimed at measuring and reducing the carbon footprint, efficient waste management, and promoting responsible water consumption. These efforts highlight the show’s commitment to environmental stewardship and its future as a certified sustainable event.

It was great to see Cleanwave water filters on-site, educational workshops about eco-initiatives and brands such as Oceanform and Washdown harnessing their values to create new product ranges.

Estela Superyacht Agency hosted a seminar moderated by Rebecca Whitlocke of Antibes Yachting called “Sustainability On Board and In Yards”.  Key takeaways highlighted that we need to be consistent with messaging that goes beyond compliance and avoids greenwashing. You can watch the full breakfast seminar here:

On Day 2 of the Estela Breakfast Seminars, Erica Lay hosted a Crew Seminar featuring the PYA, Fraser, Nautilus and two Captains focused on the status of yacht crew including discussion topics about crew training, up skilling, unions, legal representation and more.  It was also clear that crew welfare and mental health awareness is not just a trend. We need to give crew the resources and support they need in demanding roles, and be realistic about life on board.


Reflected upon the insights from the Palma International Boat Show 2024, it’s evident how this event stands as a testament to connecting the yachting community, fostering an environment ripe for networking, cultural integration, and shared learning experiences.  The show’s legacy, celebrated through this 40th milestone, is a reminder of the strides made and the potential that lies ahead—for it is in such gatherings that the future of the industry is shaped.


The Superyacht Chef Competition 2024

The Superyacht Chef Competition 2024

Held at the Yacht Club de Monaco under the aegis of YCM’s La Belle Classe Academy training centre in partnership with Bluewater, the annual Superyacht Chef competition highlights gastronomic excellence. This is the 14th event for Bluewater and the 5th co-hosted with the talented team at Monaco Yacht Club.

This event is unique in bringing together yacht owners and yacht club members with their captains and crew, all cheering on their chefs.

On Thursday 4th April, nine chefs will showcase their culinary prowess.  Bluewater’s Head of Recruitment, Sharon Rose, has confirmed the participants this year, but is remaining tight-lipped with any comments on front contenders! “The talent this year is exceptional, it’s going to be a tough one for the judges, and I can’t wait to see Marco Tognon sitting on the panel! It will be a fantastic day.”

  • Melvin Costaglioli – MY BLACK LEGEND
  • Enzo Di Garbo – MY L.A.U.L
  • Ava Faulkner – MY LIGHT HOLIC
  • Jérémie Gruson – MY VICTORIA DEL MAR
  • Margot Laurent – MY LEONARDO III
  • JoelyAnne Lefaucheur – MY ARTEMIS
  • Paulo Longhin – MY HERCULES
  • Mateusz Mitka – MY LADY BRITT
  • Giacomo Seregni – MY SEVERIN’S

As leaders of their profession, superyacht chefs are creative and knowledgeable.  Bluewater’s Director of Training, John Wyborn, expressed his enthusiasm for the annual chef competition. “This event is a thrilling experience for everyone involved, with Michelin-star judges overseeing the competition among talented yacht chefs. Bluewater has been in the industry for 33 years, and this competition highlights the great strides the industry has made since then, with exceptionally high standards expected from all crew members onboard. Bluewater takes pride in collaborating with the Monaco Yacht Club and La Belle Classe Academy to organise the 5th Superyacht Chef Competition.”

Last year, Chef Marco Tognon from M/Y Planet Nine claimed top place during the competition with Chef Tommaso Santoni from M/Y Paloma coming second.

Chef Marco Tognon from M/Y Planet Nine won the 2023 Superyacht Chef Competition (photo: Antibes Yachting)

Recently, Chef Marco Tognon teamed up with YCM Executive Chef Renato Secchi to create a traditional “four-hand” dinner. The gourmet evening benefited the Association Antoine Alléno, honouring Chef Yannick Alleno’s late son.

I have interviewed many of the competing Chefs over the past few years who have a great sense of camaraderie even though they all work on vessels of varying sizes.  It’s always lovely speaking to them about their backgrounds, with the Chefs undertaking everything from apprenticeships with Michelin restaurants to baking bread and setting up their own businesses before gaining yacht chef jobs.


The first three chefs are called for round 1, the mystery boxes are unveiled, and the audience is given 60 seconds to choose an ingredient to add in, so adaptability and improvisation to make quality dishes are crucial.

Michelin-starred Chef Glenn Viel will be watching over their shoulder, gastronomic TV and radio presenter Vincent Ferniot is holding court getting ready to start the countdown of 40 minutes, the chefs are in the pantry perusing a wide range of luxury produce and exotic condiments from Metro and Gourmet Deliveries, all to add to the spectacular recipe they’re working through in their heads.  Then we do it all again for two more rounds, with more mystery boxes, before heading into the grand finale after lunch.

09.50-13.40: Three rounds, each with three chefs.
13.40-14.30: Jury deliberation and lunch break. Food trucks will be available.
14.00-17.00: The Bluewater and GDT bar serves complimentary drinks.
14.30: Announcement of the three finalists! Straight into the grand finale.
16.45-18:00: Announcement of the winner and the prize-giving ceremony.

Chef Nicolas Petit from M/Y Latitude won in 2022 (photo: Antibes Yachting)


This year, Chef Glenn Viel, a three-star chef at the Oustau de Baumière and a member of the Top Chef jury, is joining the event. Chef Joël Garault, the president of Goûts et Saveurs, will supervise the proceedings, and Chef Marco Tognon, the 2023 winner, will also be on the judging panel.  Chef Danny Davies, Cheffe Victoria Vallenilla and Chef Julien Roucheteau also hold a spot on the jury.  Additionally, Chef Duncan Biggs from Ocean Wave Monaco will oversee the produce being used and discarded as the ‘anti-waste’ judge.  For the full jury lineup, see here:  Superyacht Chef Competition Jury

You can watch the live stream of the Superyacht Chef Competition on WebTV channel ‘Monaco Capital of Advanced Yachting’:

The jury for the Superyacht Chef Competition includes top chefs and past contestants


Entry is by RSVP only: [email protected]

For more details including participating sponsors, go here:


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